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Specializing in NEW parts for Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud's & Bentley S's
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4 Lower Fulcrum Pin Seals (UR 3850-A)
4 Upper Fulcrum Pin Seals (UR 4869-A)
Air Silencer to Engine Hose (UE 7066-A)
Aluminum Washer UR 6291-A
Anti-Rattle Spring (RE 17032-A)
Anti-Rattle Spring (RE 17032-A) 4 total
Beveled Head Bolt Washer
Beveled Rocker Arm Bolt Washer
Brake Drum (UG 2287-A)
Brake Drum Screw (10X13.5) (UR 673-A-13.5)
Brake Drum Screw (10X17) (UR 673-A-17)
Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover and Cap- Original Style
Brake Fluid Reservoir Filter (UR 5343-A)
Brake Fluid Reservoir Gasket
Brake Master Cylinder- Large (1 Inch) UG 3847-A
Brake Master Cylinder- Small (3/4 Inch) UG 3848-A
Brake Rod Linkage Pin
Brake Servo Rubber Bumper
Brake Shoe Adjusment Screw ( UG 2325-A)
Brake-Hose-Flexible RG 6988-A
Buffer Rebound Triangle Lever (UR 3849-A)
Cap With Shoulder For Fulcrum Pin ( UR 5138-A)
Carburetor gasket
Carburetor Jet Assembly (CD 511-A)
Center Wheel Adjusting Nut For Upper Fulcrum Pin ( UR 4868-A)
Chrome Cap For The Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover
Chrome Plated Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover
Coolant Pump (RH 2149-A) for RR Silver Cloud II, III & Bentley S2 &S3
Cover Plate (UG 2549-A-III) For The Cloud 3 & S 3
Cover Plate Seal With Spacers for the Silver Cloud II & S2
Cover Plate Seal Spacer
Cover Plate Seal With Spacers (UG 2301-A-III) Cloud 3 & S 3
Crank Cover Gasket
Dust Cap (UG 1169-A)
E 75034-A
E 77242-A
E 88307-A
End Plate & Center Casing Bolt With Nut
Equalizer Shackle Mounting Stud
Exhaust Gasket-Large
Exhaust Gasket-Medium EX-1.99/2.45
Exhaust Gasket-Small
Exhaust Manifold Gasket (UE 4603-A)
Exhaust Manifold Nut (RE 23756-A)
Exhaust Manifold Stud (UE 3831-A)
Exhaust Manifold to Down Pipe Stud (UE 7531/R-A)
Front and Rear Brake Shoes With Pads (UG 2804-A & UG 3478-A) for the Silver Cloud II, III & S2, S3
Front Bearing Dust Cover (UG 666-A)
Front Brake Shoes With Pads (for the Silver Cloud II, III & S2, S3)
Front RH/LH Pipe-Flexible UR 4807-A (Brake Line Hose)
Front Wheel Cylinder Piston (034.9X19.00)( UG 1177-A-34.09)
Front Wheel Cylinder Piston (038X22.4)( UG 1177-A-38)
Fulcrum Pin Set UR4867-A(2), UR4866-A(2), UR4868-A(2), UR5138-A(2), UR5137-A(6)
Inlet & Outlet-Petrol Pump Adapter (UR 3257-A)
Intake Gasket
King Pin
King Pin Cover (UR 349-A)
Large Washer (UG 1262-A)
Leaf Spring Bushing Rear UR 1301-A
Leaf Spring Bushing-Front Pair UR 1173-A
Oil Drain Plug (UG 562-A)
Oil Filters for Silver Clouds, Bentley S's & Silver Shadows (Chassis # 01001-26,700)
Oil Pan Gasket (UE 73704-A)
Original Style Brake Line Connector
QAW 017A-A
QAW 031-A
RE 16381-A
RE 5007-A
RE 7289-A
RE 9233-A
Rear Adjusting Screw ( UG 3049-A)
Rear Brake Shoes With Pads (for the Silver Cloud II, III & S2, S3)
Rear Motor Mount Assembly(Block-Engine Mount) UR 3476-A
Rear Wheel Cylinder Piston (UG 3689-A)
Rear-Pipe-Flexible (Brake Line Hose) UR 4808-A
Replacement hose clips RD 6757-A
Retaining Plate
RF 3274-A
RG 8181-A
Shoe Return Spring UG 1285-A
Short Cap For Fulcrum Pin ( UR 5137-A)
Short Stud For Lower Fulcrum Pin (UR 4867-A)
Small Washer (UG 2314-A)
Steering Plate Lock Bolt (UR 1967-A)
Stud (UG 3658-A)
Tab Rear Shackle Washer UR 449-A
Throttle Linkage Support
Tubing Nut (UR 3262-A)
UE 10378-A
UE 35281-A
UM 21675R-A
UM 21677-A
Upper Hex Bolt For Fulcrum Pin ( UR 4866-A)
UR 16075-A
UR 4291-A
UR 4291-A
Valve Cover Gasket UV -11305PAR-A
Valve Cover Nut (Chrome)( UE 6569-A)
Washer Retainer Brake Assembly (WRB-A)
Washer Tab Setscrew Lifter Holder (KB 7106/R-A)
Washer Tabs Setscrew (KB 7108/R-A)
Wheel Cylinder Bleeder (UG 1175-A)
Wheel Cylinder-Front Left UG 3651-A for the Silver Cloud II, III & S2, S3
Wheel Cylinder-Front Right UG 3650-A for the Silver Cloud II, III & S2, S3
Wheel Cylinder-Rear UG 3683-A for the Silver Cloud II, III & S2, S3
XB 1084-A
XB 1093-A
XB 1096R-A
XB 1097R-A
XB 1189R-A
XB 1193-A
XB 1195R-A
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